April 27, 2020
COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness/Webinars/Resources for Renal Community

Visit COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness for Healthcare Professionals 
for the most up-to-date resources from renal agencies across Canada gathered by Canadian Society of Nephrology.

Visit www.csncommunity.ca for the CSN Webinar platform - recordings and recommendations on COVID-19.

Visit kidneycareuk.org/about-kidney-health/living-kidney-disease/kidney-kitchen/dietary-advice-haemodialysis-during-coronavirus-outbreak/ for summary from UK of adapting renal diet when dialysis is being reduced to 2 x per week and kidneycareuk.org/news-and-campaigns/coronavirus-advice/ for website from UK about dialysis and COVID-19.

In addition, members can find resources developed for COVID-19 under "downloads" tab of CAND RenalRD website (nonperishable food supply ideas for renal patients, UK guidelines for delivery of renal nutrition services).